The Chambers

Introduction is the consensus layer for DeFi. We are building voting technologies that allow humans to plug into financial ecosystems. We specialise in price discovery, social coordination and governance design.

The Chambers are the start of our governance structures that we will build into an on-chain network of miniDAOs, that will be token specific, blockchain agnostic and powered by token weighted voting.

The Chambers are a place for collaborative research and development of the network. The Chambers will include media and analytical functions for promoting the network and understanding the cryptospace as a whole.

Users will have access to the market alpha generated by this network.

The entry point is an NFT, that represents decentralised identity and gives you voting rights in the ecosystem.

The Chambers

The Chambers will begin opening from today.

These curated internet bubbles will be the means through which the social network will be built.

Each chamber will be focused on a different aspect of collaboration within the network and will be the beginning of our social coordination games that lead us to the second phase of our network, “Pyramid”.

It’s an upgrade

A Decentralised Digital Democracy

The unharnessed power of millions of people interacting with the cryptospace is vast.

The Chambers governance system will harvest that power, by providing economic incentives to animate a group of decentralised workers to grow the network.

The entry point to this digital nation is Citizenship. You gain that by holding one, or more identities in the system.

With an identity you get to be a citizen in our digital democracy. That means you will have a voice in how the network will be steered.

We are using token gating because it creates a high signal to noise discussion space. We have relegated our main group to be another chamber of the crypto dungeons.

Within the Chambers there are special gated rooms for people who want to engage in the ecosystem. Some rooms will be open via application since those participants of the embassy will have access to network funding.

The DAOs of the future will be populated by people collaborating on a shared goal to obtain a share of the network emission.

In six months time the main DAO of the network will launch. The DMF, will have access to a treasury 30% of the token supply emitted over a period of five years.

In the interim, the network leaders will fund the chambers with $100,000 of grant funding to bootstrap the governance processes.

The Chambers are an identity and reputation gated community.

The Chambers Map

The Citizens Chamber

The Citizens Chamber is available to all identity holders. Your ID gives you voting rights in the vote markets but also on key governance decisions in the network. Weekly votes will be held to resolve key decisions. Incentives will be distributed for varying levels of participation.

The Embassy

The Embassy is where the work is done. The Embassy has three roles (so far), Analysts, Diplomats and Ambassadors.

Diplomats complete network effect building work. Raising the profile of the network across the cryptospace.

Ambassadors are employed by the network. They are skilled workers completing complex creative tasks assigned by network leaders.

Analysts are alpha seekers and collaborate on market strategy.

The Embassy has access to a rolling pot of grant funding, which can be bid upon and will be distributed by quadratic funding. Both diplomats and ambassadors will prioritise how this funding will be spent on network business.


Analysts are high performing vote marketers who share strategies and research. They will have early access to network research and will have pre-release access to the Exit Poll. Access will be granted to those with a voting identity with $V over 150 (to begin).

The Patrons Chamber

This room is reserved for those with an identity and over 1m $FVT. Patrons will have access to voting decisions that shape monetary policy. They will ultimately have access to the DMF alongside high performing analysts.

Join In

If you have a Identity. Join the Chambers HERE.

If you need to obtain an identity. You can obtain $FVT from Uniswap, and purchase an identity from our vote markets

Prices start at 100 $FVT for an identity.

Play the game or don’t, it’s up to you 🚀