Partnership Announcement: X CommerceBlock are proud to announce a formal partnership with CommerceBlock, who will support in the integration of key components of their technology into the ecosystem.

CommerceBlock are an established research and development company working at the cutting edge of blockchain technology. They are innovators in their use of cryptography and blockchain financial architecture, with an explicit specialisation in Bitcoin.

They are currently working on ‘statechains’, a layer 2 scaling solution for Bitcoin, that promises to revolutionise the Bitcoin payments and privacy space. They are also experts in tokenisation and asset management, with a long standing partnership with CoinShares.

The CEO of CommerceBlock Nicholas Gregory, will take on the role of Chief Technical Advisor and will help support and guide the network through it’s evolution into a crowd governed cryptoeconomic hub for the DeFi space. will utilise the Mainstay Protocol to generate immutable voting histories, NFT provenance and cryptographic validation of token contracts. They will also support in the exploration of Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) and statechains as potential scaling solutions for the Second Layer Governance platform.

The CEO of CommerceBlock Nicholas Gregory responds, “Dr Nick has prioneered research in token economics development. He has made the subject into a science with his quantitative approach. represents an opportunity to change the industry like not seen before and CommerceBlock is honoured to be part of its journey.”

The X CommerceBlock partnership establishes both companies at the cutting edge of financial architecture and cryptoeconomic governance. In partnership, and CommerceBlock will help lead the way in building our decentralised financial future.

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