x Halborn: Security audit for completed. is delighted to announce that Halborn has successfully completed a security audit of the smart contract, finding zero contract vulnerabilities, which will open the door for a swift release of the network’s liquidity mining programme.

Halborn is one of the most respected and up and coming cybersecurity firms in the cryptospace, who work across the whole cybersecurity stack, alongside their smart contract auditing function. They have an impressive track record working with the likes of Bancor, Coinbase, Stellar and Ava Labs.

Unlike many firms in the space, Halborn provides extremely detailed analysis of smart contracts, working closely with teams to fully understand the design and intention of their implementation, allowing them to consider a range of economic attacks that may fall outside the scope of any one contract.

The report finds:

“The smart contract’s code is extremely well documented, follows a high-quality software development standard, contain many utilities and automation scripts to support continuous deployment / testing and integration, and does NOT contain any obvious exploitation vectors that Halborn was able to leverage within the timeframe of testing allowed”

The application utilises cutting edge cryptoeconomic ideas including an implementation of Harberger Taxes to broker access to “protocol property,” whereby users can obtain a share of the FVT emission for providing perma-liquidity to the network’s liquidity pools.

CEO of Halborn, Rob Behnke comments:

“When we look at the necessary lego blocks needs to fuel the progress of DAOs and DeFi, governance is the big nut still needing to be cracked. I liked what I saw in the team at Finance.Vote and feel they’re project is a solid swing at the bat of attempting to solve a fundamental problem.”

Dr Nick Almond, Founder reponds:

“I was incredibly impressed with the experience of working with Halborn, who commit considerable resources and expertise to ensuring that their engineers understand your design and cryptoeconomics. We hope to work closely with Halborn in the future as we ship increasingly innovative contracts and push the boundaries of DeFi and DeFi governance.”

Read the full audit here

About is a decentralised organisation that creates governance dApps for DAOs. They specialise in quadratic voting technology and price discovery, with a prediction market, a decentralised auction house and a suite of gassless multi-chain voting tools designed to upgrade governance across the DeFi space.

The dApp suite is the decision making tool kit for the future of decentralised finance. It is governed by FVT holders, who control our roadmap, monetary policy and the funding of the platform.

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