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July 12-16


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Welcome to DAO week

The first, open-team community conference at


DAO week is a 5-day event packed with updates, lectures, seminars, AMAs, special guest panels (featuring speakers from Yearn Finance and Rari Capital), community workshops and lots more. 


Key workshops include ‘How Not To Get Rugged’, ‘How To DYOR’, ‘DAOs vs Orgs’ and ‘How to work for a DAO’.


Submit your questions over at the Discord.
Each question answered will receive a reward of $25 in FVT.


Join us from Monday 12th July as we come together, learn from one another and negotiate the next era of DAOs.

Monday 12th
Q2 Review and Discord AMA
14:00-16:00 UTC

Dr Nick will publish a report on all the activity in this quarter including a market outlook and some predictions of where the cryptospace is going.

Community members are welcome to come to our discord and ask questions using the tag #Q2AMA

$25 in FVT to all answered questions!

Tuesday 13th
How to DYOR Decoding DeFi Video Series
11:00 UTC

The next episode of Decoding DeFi on "How To Do Your Own Research."

A key part of the DAO is understanding the wider cryptospace so we can make good predictions and decisions about cryotoassets.

This lecture will give you the tools to understand what’s gonnaget you rugged and what makes sure wagmi.

How to NOT get Rugged
Discord Workshop
12:00 UTC

Users will have the opportunity to suggest tokens from across the cryptospace and we will collaboratively research them, so that you can build due diligence skills and make more informed decisions over the tokens you buy.

$25 in FVT to all answered questions!

Wednesday 14th
Vision and Brand
Discord Workshop
09:00-11:00 UTC

This is an opportunity for the team to reflect on the brand and broader project vision.

We will explore our messaging and how it speaks to the broader mission of the project.


This is an public core team meeting which we will open to wider DAO feedback.

The Principles of Discussion & influence vote
13:00 UTC

A 48 hour debate in our Discord group that will be the first wave of developing the principles by which the DAO carries out its business.

Here we’ll put in scope the kind of stuff we will do, and the kind of stuff we won’t.

The team will kick off the discussion and the DAO leaders will be there to discuss with the community.

DAOs vs Orgs Panel Discussion
11:00 UTC

Guest Speakers:

Tracheopteryx Samuel Shadrach

DAOs have the potential to be the digitally native structure for work and collaboration, but what are they good for, and what are they not?

In this session we’ll invite some of the cool kids from across the cryptospace who work on DAOs for an open panel discussion and discuss a potential framework for DAOs.

Thursday 15th
dAPP DAY What votes next?
08:30-09:30 UTC

In this session we’ll review the dApp, discuss its possibilities, review the yield parameter votes & #100Londoners experiment, and where we can go next.
What auctions next?
13:00-14:00 UTC

In this session we’ll review the FVT auction that took place in November 2020 and discuss the dynamics of the exponential token auction and how it can be used as a fair launch platform. Then we’ll take a look at the NFT Binary Search auction and share the latest look at our 3D auction house.
What markets next?
09:45-10:45 UTC

In this session we’ll discuss the data from up to this point. If the game is functioning as planned and how it can be improved and what vote markets we should do next.
What parameters next?
11:00-12:00 UTC

In this session we’ll discuss discuss the outcome of Basic Pool and Resident Pool and have an open discussion on how the token economics could iterate on the next vote. We’ll discuss partner pools and the Tycoon pools and when we think we should do them.
What distribution next?

In this session we’ll unveil the new design of the stealth project that’s not a bank. We’ll discuss merkle vesting and what decentralised pay roll might look like.

Friday 16th
Open Team Strategy Call
09:00-10:30 UTC

This is an opportunity for you to join our team strategy call, see what we’re working on and get a feel for the behind the scenes operation of a DAO.

Imagination Time
Discord Community
11:00-12:00 UTC

This open co-design workshop will be a space where we don’t just get blue sky we get cosmic. Come here to discuss ANY ideas you have for the ecosystem and we’ll discuss if and how they can be developed.

Add your ideas to the form here to have your idea discussed on the call

How to work for a DAO
13:00-14:00 UTC

This is a community centric session ran by our current DAO Leaders.We will discuss what a good DAO Leader should do and how you can become one.

A note from Dr. Nick


This mini-conference is designed to provide an opportunity for the whole team and the wider DAO community to come together and not only learn from one another but negotiate the next era of DAOs.


We’re coming up to the end of the network’s first phase, Obelisk.

In this phase of the network we introduced a number of tools that we think play a significant role on the future of decentralised organisations. Each of these have tuneable parameters that allow the systems to run in a decentralised fashion.

In the next phase of the project we build the governance processes required to facilitate our community to make additions to these new systems, perhaps make new systems entirely.

A big part of this is transitioning the power in the network to the users from management keys to trustless voting systems, but for that to be a safe thing to do, a broad user base needs to understand the systems that we are building in order to make informed decisions.