The Consensus layer for DeFi

A decentralized system for enhancing the governance of crypto networks, engaging in market discovery and socially coordinated trading



DeFi is still early. Highly asymmetric token distributions, voter apathy and huge gaps between the technical knowledge of core teams and token holders creates a context where genuine governance is surface level at best and thinly veiled centralisation, or destructive decision making at worst. As new tokens flood the market, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with new technological developments and filter quality products from scams. provides market alpha, project validation tools and

influence formation for any project in crypto.


Market Discovery and

Price Prediction

Using’s innovative quadratic voting based rolling consensus system, users are incentivized to make market predictions in a series of tournaments focussed on baskets of assets from across the cryptospace. It is designed to facilitate the generation of market alpha and the discovery of up and coming tokens from the most viable projects.

Second Layer Governance provides a voice to minority token holders in any network. Through the creation of token specific miniDAOs users are able to guide the direction of their chosen networks. Forming communities with real influence and power.

Decentralised Social Trading provides the opportunity for the formation of private groups, coordinating around micro liquidity pools allowing the trustless trading of assets and the sharing of market insights.


Top Gainers

Users will vote for the coins they predict will perform well in the next week.


Users review the market and have the option to take part in a prediction tournament



Those with a identity are given a starting balance of 100 voting power ($V)


Users spend their $V on votes, using the quadratic voting scheme. Votes = $V squared


The user votes create a new market ordering



Users predict the future market ordering, which is matched against the market. Winners earn higher voting power and a share of the tournament reward pool.